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Philosophy of Leadership

As a leader, I believe in empowering others by holding them accountable through setting high expectations, delivering resources, and providing guidance and support. I believe creativity and innovation are a direct result of investing in the work they believe in and empowering them to accomplish their goals and maximize results. My approach to leadership is centered around giving others the opportunity to reach new heights while providing guidance and setting clear expectations for guidelines, deadlines, and non-negotiables of each project, when appropriate.

I believe in the importance of developing, maintaining, and enhancing collegial relationships with all stakeholders. I accomplish relationship building by listening, understanding, and acknowledging others. We are blessed with two ears and one mouth, and my main objective is to listen so that I can determine the meaning and intent of what people are saying and what they are not saying. I always seek to understand and embrace their perspective before I seek to be understood because I know that every decision I make will either positively or adversely affect others. Additionally, I acknowledge people for their efforts and encourage them to continue to grow both professionally and personally.

Ultimately, I am known as a student-focused leader because all my decisions are based on what's best for students. My mission and my burning imperative is to create a learning environment for both the adults and students, and provide a quality education for all that is second to none.

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Mr. John Seybold


Secretary to the Superintendent, Tammy Kelley